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Welcome to Dunnville Christian School!

At Dunnville Christian School, we educate our students in many different areas. We want to help our students develop academically, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. We strive to do this through extra curricular activities and sports. At the heart of our activities lies the hours of formal instruction that take place in our classrooms.

Our Mission Statement

Dunnville Christian School delivers quality Christian education, nurturing students and challenging them to develop their gifts in service to God and others.

Our Vision Statement

Dunnville Christian School - A thriving, diverse community that welcomes families desiring a Christian education and encourages students, guided by God's Word, to live out their faith. 

Monday, March 27 -
- Tuesday, March 28
Dental Clinic
Wednesday, March 29 -
Boot Camp
Friday, March 31 -
Grade 7/8 Curling
Tuesday, April 04 -
Science Fair at Jarvis Community Christian Sc
Wednesday, April 05 -
Boot Camp

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